New Infusion Process for Medical Marijuana in Liquid Form…

The HERBAL MEDICAL INSTITUTE, LLC, a family-owned, mountain based, Colorado company, has created a patent- pending delivery system which naturally infuses Medical Marijuana Cannabinoids into a liquid elixir-beverage of natural juice extracts, including anti-oxidants and minerals.

1-11-2011, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Based on initial product testing, Colorado Medical Marijuana patients support the effects of the cannabis tincture in Herbal Medical Institute’s™ Green Dragon™, Green Dragon Plus™ and Green Green Kure™ (higher Cannabinoid content) elixir-beverages.  Medical Marijuana treatment via a 2 ounce bottle of Green Dragon™, 1 once dose of the Green Dragon Plus™ or ingesting four droppers of the concentrated  Green Kure™, is preferable to smoking for many Medical Marijuana patients. The Medical Marijuana is first transformed into a potent essential oil with both THC, CBD’s and CBN’s, then the oil is scientifically infused with 72 ionic trace minerals as well as anti-oxidant carrying juice extracts, D Vitamins and B-Complex. This unique infusion process binds the powerful ingredients that our bodies naturally want to absorb and utilize. Our bodies have more receptors for medicinal cannabis than any other natural medicine. This makes the human body a perfect receiving center for cannabis, but if it is mixed with unnatural ingredients the body will attempt to flush the mixture out, thus negating the natural healing effects of the cannabinoids. Under those circumstances, the medical benefits cannot be delivered to their full capacity to the ready and waiting receptors.

Colorado’s own Herbal Medical Institute™, LLC uses no chemical solvents, artificial ingredients or sugars during the infusion of the cannabis tincture into its elixir-beverages. HMI is bringing forward the future of cannabis based medicine with its full spectrum, anti-oxidant, medical marijuana elixir-beverages. Utilizing a strategy of combining the “4 M’s”: Mangosteen (a high oxidant fruit from China), Minerals and Medical Marijuana, HMI has created a powerful anti-oxidant elixir-beverage. Anti-oxidants are known cancer-fighting agents which help the body rid itself of the free radicals which can cause cancer. As well as being a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer, the cannabinoids in Medical Marijuana combine with mangosteen and other fruit juice extracts to offer significant healing effects to Colorado Medical Marijuana card-holders.

Recent changes in Medical Marijuana laws have allowed Colorado to quickly become a leader in the Medical Marijuana industry. A wide array of new products have appeared, ranging from marijuana sodas, candies and brownies to powerful tinctures. Many people still enjoy smoking marijuana to help alleviate their health or pain issues, but the fact is that real medicinal healing works better by ingestion.

It is a known fact that preservatives, artificial ingredients, alcohol and sugar are not good for the body. If a Medical Marijuana patient has serious health issues such as Crones disease, MS or cancer, that person definitively should not eat or drink products with unnatural ingredients. Herbal Medical Institute™, LLC is a company with an all natural, scientific approach.

HMI’s patent-pending delivery system of mixing natural healthy ingredients with Medical Marijuana insures that the body will receive the medicinal qualities faster and more effectively.

Documented Medical Marijuana research has shown that people suffering from cancer, Crones disease, asthma, HIV, MS or chronic pain find great relief from their ailments when practicing a Medical Marijuana treatment plan. Herbal Medical Institute’s™ new patent-pending infusion process of blending cannabis tincture with powerful anti-oxidant juice extracts and natural minerals, has resulted in a unique and promising  elixir-beverage Medical Marijuana product line.

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