Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana is known by many names resulting from centuries of use in cultures around the world. The Spanish name is canamo although here in America the Mexican name marijuana is now more well known, for better or worse. In English the name is hemp, in use since 1000 AD, and nowadays refers primarily to cannabis sativa and to designate the long fiber obtained from the plant. “Indian hemp” was also used to describe the cannabis plant here in the US as little as a hundred years ago.

Interesting to note that cannabis was legal in Colorado until 1917 when “reefer racism” began, being directed at African Americans and Latinos through the powerful Hearst newspaper network. During that time the term marijuana was introduced along with it’s negative connotation as the “Killer weed”. Laws were passed against cannabis/marijuana in order to stop the black and Mexican “problem” in which African and Mexican American people were demanding equal rights with whites.

Medical marijuana history is changing as changes in laws are resulting in a reasonable discussion about the merits of the hemp/cannabis/marijuana plant.

The fiber from cannabis (which is the Latin title for the plant) is the earliest, most popular and (until 65 years ago) most widely used textile fiber on Earth.

Cannabis hemp seed is a complete source of vegetable protein. Cannabis seed protein allows a body with a nutrition-blocking ailment to get maximum nourishment. Hemp leaves can also be brewed into a healthy tea and used medicinally or consumed as a beverage.

Most Colorado medical marijuana cardholders are aware that cannabis is the crude vegetable preparation of cannabis sativa or cannabis Indica. Medical marijuana includes over 60 synergistic compounds in one natural medication, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which gives you the “high”.

Cannabis can be available in oil form (grass oil), pollen form (kif) or resin form (hashish). The pharmacologically active components of the drug are cannabinoids.
The effects of medical marijuana are acutely noticeable to sufferers of ailments such as extreme pain, cancer, MS or HIV.

Colorado companies, such as Herbal Medical Institute, are introducing new elixir drink products with or without the THC high. Green Dragon efficiently blends high quality cannabis indica with minerals and high oxidant fruit juices such as mangosteen. They also are debuting their Green Life elixir drink product which includes all of the vegetable protein, minerals and antioxidants but without the THC high.

Colorado medical marijuana cardholders now have the ability to receive the curative healing qualities of medical marijuana without having to smoke.

Thanks to Jack Herer for much of the information used in this writing.

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