Dragon Caviar Sticks 1.5g pre-rolled cone joints in dube-tubes

Green Dragon Elixirs THC 100, 300, 700

Dragon Concentrates a Quality Like No Other!

Dragon Caviar made with over 200 Grams of oil for every pound infused!

Free of artificial ingredients and toxic chemical solvents!

Two factors why Herbal Medical Institute™, LLC, is a leader in the health and wellness industry:
1) Herbal Medical Institute™, LLC has developed a unique delivery system (patent pending) which allows the body to absorb powerful Cannabis plant healing elements faster, smoother and more efficiently. Our powerful liquid formula makes it easy to get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Medical Marijuana you need to form a solid nutritional foundation.
Each refreshing serving is bio-available (body ready), delicious and easy to drink! Our Green Dragon™ and Green Kure™ formulas have proven to be an effective delivery system. They combine the healing properties of THC, cannabinoids and CBN through with the antioxidants and ionic minerals naturally present in all of our effective elixirs. This revolutionary delivery system is what makes Herbal Medical Institute™, LLC, today’s leader in Cannabis infused medicinal beverages.
2). Everything Green: Every amazing elixir that we make is made with all natural ingredients and infused with the Cannabis Plant. This powerful theme creates an opportunity for everyone to get the healing benefits which are naturally according inside of the Cannabis Plant. Whether you are interested in our Green Dragon™ Elixirs or our Green Kure™ Elixirs, both beverages include Medical Marijuana and a full spectrum Vitamin Mineral antioxidant recipe. Think of it as your added “wellness insurance” for filling nutritional gaps in your diet in combination with all the powerful benefits that you get from the world renown Cannabis Plant.